"Ladies, Let’s go Fishing!" University, Dania Beach, Florida

"Ladies, Let’s go Fishing!" University, Dania Beach, Florida

Fishing is a fun activity for everyone, man, woman and children, and this is why it is so popular. Very often we hear about tournaments and competitions, and so many young people interested in learning how to fish. This year, one of the most interesting fishing events will take place in South Florida.

From April 29 to May 1, everyone will have the chance to show their fishing skills in an event organized by a nonprofit organization. “Ladies, Let’s go Fishing!” is not only about outdoor activities, but also about learning more about nature, about society, and how you can increase your positivity and develop your skills.

Apart from the presentations, there will be several people talking about their success in life and how they achieved it. Others will teach the participants how to tie a knot, how to cast, and how to make sure that their fishing trip is always successful.

Do you wonder if males are allowed to join, considering the title? Well, of course yes! Although it might seem like ladies get special treatment during this event, gentlemen can actually accompany the ladies and their families and participate in any and every activity.

Children will also have fun during this time, as there are several activities designed especially for them.

Everyone is welcome, and there is no special equipment or experience required. The professionals will make sure that everyone will learn the basics of fishing and how to make this activity a big part of their lives.




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