Animals used for fishing

Animals used for fishing

If you have been very proud about your fishing skills, beware you can be challenges by few animals who very effectively assist fishers with their set of skills.

Trained dolphins work on the strategy to drive fish to the shore where their owners are waiting to bait them. They even give signals as when to cast the net for maximum catch. Their incentive lies in feeding on the fish that manages to escape the net. Although it is a method from ancient Rome it is still practiced in Brazil.

Cormorant fishing: Cormorants are natural fishing birds. Dating around 1300 years back the Chinese and Japanese devised to use their innate talent into a profit making business. They leave the cormorant for fishing over the water but a metal loop is placed around their neck. This loop prevents them from swallowing the valuable and huge fish they catch. They return with the fish in their mouth to their owners which are then collected. Cormorants have excellent fishing instincts. Similarly skilled frigate birds are also used for fishing in the reefs of Nauru.

Portuguese water dogs have been very helpful to the Portuguese fishermen from the 16th century. They have been used to convey messages from one boat to another, or salvage fish or other articles from the sea or even to pull nets to the shore. They are extremely skilled and helpful assistants.

Remora fishing: Remora is a sucking fish which was used to capture sea turtles from the Indian Ocean. Remora fish was tethered to the hooks which would attract and catch the turtles. Although there are no signs of this practice found around the Indian Ocean.

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