Fishing sharks

Fishing sharks

When you hear about sharks, you can always find two types of people, those who are fascinated by them, and those who are afraid of them.

If you had ever seen the movie Jaws ( or any movie about them ) you would have known how powerful they actually are.

But when it comes to fishing, is it hard fishing sharks, or not? Well, to tell you the truth, it may seem too hard, but it is actually less hard than you think. You need much heavier tackle of course, because sharks are very big, and you cannot use tackle that you would use for catching bluefish for example.

Many shark anglers use Penn International Reels, that are the best when it comes to bigger and heavier sharks.

Anglers also do not like to catch blue sharks because they do not jump like other sharks, for example, mako. And we must admit that blue shark is pretty big, and even though it may seem scary and challenging for you, it is quite an experience, and something you will never forget.

Maybe it is not the best option for you if you are a beginner ( because they give you a good fight ), but that experience will definitely stay in your memory.

When it comes to technique, you need to set a good chum slick, and you need to you a lot of chums.

You have a lot of different chums, the best is bunker chum, and the second is mackerel chum.

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