Lake Simcoe Adopts New Fishing Line Recycling to Protect Fish & Birds

Lake Simcoe Adopts New Fishing Line Recycling to Protect Fish & Birds

Lake Simcoe is located in Southern Ontario, Canada. It is considered as the fourth biggest lake in the province. The first three are the Lake Nipigon, Lac Seul, and Lake Nipissing.

Lake Simcoe was known as Ouentironk in the 17th century. Ouentironk means 'beautiful water'. After this era, the lake was called 'Lake Toronto' and later on renamed with 'John Graves Simcoe'. This name came from the first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, which he chose to honor the memory of his father who was a member of the Royal Navy, Captain John Simcoe.

Recently, Lake Simcoe has to deal with birds and waterfowl being snagged or killed by fishing line.

The Orillia harbourmaster group is one of those who want this problem to be resolved. Fishing line recycling boxes are currently being installed in this part of Simcoe County.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry of Ontario has been providing assistance in the installation of units in the Lake Simcoe area.

According to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Will Wegman, the units being installed are just simple materials made of PVC plastic. He stressed that the units will serve as receptacles for folks to put their used fishing line.

The units being used in Orillia were crafted by Bob Bowles who is a local naturalist. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is encouraging more people to create their own recycling boxes.

“We're trying to co-ordinate those efforts and make a list of where they all are. Make contact with the municipality and that they're put up where the town wants them and that they're emptied regularly,” Bowles stated.


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