San Francisco- a great hub for fishing

San Francisco- a great hub for fishing

It is important to note that different regions in America are suitable for fishing activities. It is because of this reason that many people continue fishing as their hobby and profession. San Francisco is also one of the major fishing destinations in America. It is surrounded by a great bay and the presence of the bay offers great facilities of fishing. Fishing is a great form of entertainment. Many people love to go for fishing out of passion, while there are people that go for fishing professionally. 

You can come across some great fishing spots in this place. Whether you are a resident of this place, or you come to visit here, you would love fishing in the greatest fishing spots of San Francisco. You can troll for fishing in your own boat, or you can also hire a charter for fishing along the bay. The famous fisherman’s wharf is a very popular place for urban fishing in San Francisco. The region is located on the northern edge of the peninsula of San Francisco. Apart from that, Pier 7 is also quite popular among the fishing lovers in San Francisco Bay area.

Some of the other destinations include Candlestick Park, Municipal Pier, Coyote Point, San Pablo Reservoir and Bon Tempe Lake. In these areas, you can expect to find wide varieties of fishes for fishing purposes. In fact, the entire bay area in San Francisco is filled with innumerable fishing spots. Therefore, if you love fishing, you must visit San Francisco. 

Posted by Pat Collins 7/15/15


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