The best places for fishing

The best places for fishing

If you love fishing, you probably want to pick the best place in the world, where you will be able to catch as many fish as you want and where you are surrounded with a beautiful nature. So if you are still not sure what location is the best for you, we will give you some suggestions:

1. Lough Corrib, Ireland – In Ireland there is a village called Oughterard where they have some kind of holiday and they call it Mayfly week. If you wonder why is that, well it’s because May is the best month if you want to fish and it is especially good for the Corrib trout.
This village creates an amazing atmosphere, and before they start with this holiday they empty the classrooms and then children catch flies and sell them in boxes to fishermen.
2. Tusket River, Canada
This place is quite mysterious yet amazing. If you decide to go there in order to catch some fish, we advise you not to go alone, bring someone with you because even though this place looks beautiful, the Tusker River lies in the wilderness where you can find deep forest and which is a home to black bear, so we don’t think it is smart to go there all by yourself.
3. South Stradbroke Island, Australia
This may not be the most productive place in the world if you decide to fish there, but it is definitely something you must visit, because there you get to see humpback whales and wallabies and that is something you don’t wanna miss.

You can have a great catch in South Stradbroke Island, just don’t expect it to happen every single time.

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