What is a gar fish?

What is a gar fish?

This fish is enormous! It is so huge that once you’ve caught it, you just have to cut it into smaller pieces to fit in our ice box. Moreover, you probably need a machete to do the job too. They are long-beaked freshwater fish and are just the ones you want to catch for thrills when you are out fishing for sport.

Almost blind gar fish

The gar fish does not have good vision so it’s a good idea to “let” them get entangled into the line. Gerry Bethge from Outdoor Life suggests you use a rope-bait made of untwisted nylon. This is because when the fish bites into it and it moves around, the net gets entangled into knots in the teeth.


Bethge also gives a great tip that if you see one swimming your boat; put the rope right I front of it. It won't see you or the boat because of its poor vision; it will bite and gnash into the net rope and become entangled. This is better than trying to pierce a big hook through the giant gar fish.

Gar fish is edible

Although this freshwater fish is edible, if it has fish eggs, the eggs are very toxic for humans. If you want to eat the fish, then make sure to clean it out thoroughly and remove all the eggs. Cut it into filets, season with spices and coat it evenly with flour. This is best eaten deep fried but you can sear it or bake it too. 

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