What is fish farming?

What is fish farming?

With the depletion of edible fish in the open seas and a growing population of people and appetites, it has become inevitable to innovate and come up with new methods that will allow people to obtain the essential nutrients from fish while protecting fish existing in the open waters. One of these innovations is fish farming, fish culture, or aquaculture.

What is it?

Fish farming is the rearing of fish for either personal use or for profit. By 2012, there were 66 million tons of fish produced, which is far more than beef. With the continued growth in population and the realized profitability from fish farming, the popularity of this trade is only expected to grow over the coming years.

Why should you engage in Fish Farming?

Fish farming presents many opportunities for the farmer, the environment and even to the end-user. Some of the reasons why farming fish can be a great idea include;

  • It provides income to the farmer
  • Protects the natural reserves of fish and improves the environment
  • Provides employment
  • It allows for better utilization of natural resources like land and water
  • Provides an alternative source of nutrition for your family

What do you need to start a fish farm?

Starting a fish farm can be a costly process. However, once the initial infrastructure has been put in place, the running costs are manageable. To get started, some of the essential resources and equipment needed include;

  • Land – this is where the fishpond will be constructed.
  • You will need to have the fish pond constructed
  • Fingerlings (small fry)
  • Food for your fish
  • Fishing nets for harvesting

How to get started

Some of the aspects of fish farming that you will need to learn include the type of land/water best for the trade, the kind of fish to grow, how to fill the pond with water, provide irrigation, and also how to fertilize it. It is also vital that you learn how to maintain for the pond and care for the fish.

Though the process can be tedious and requires sufficient amount of attention and resources, it is quite profitable and saves the open waters from the struggle of meeting the demand for fish.


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