Where can you fish for catfish?

Where can you fish for catfish?

Fishermen are famous for their stories, but not many of them can talk about catching catfish. This fish is smart, fast, strong, and it takes a lot of strength and experience to catch one, not to mention bring it in the boat. That is probably why so many fishermen are trying to catch one, or at least to improve their technique. Of course, one of the most important things is where you fish, so these are some great places where you can find catfish:

  • Outside river bends. As you probably know, catfish need to forage and they can get plenty of it from the bottom of rivers. Because of the water flow, catfish can find hotspots where there is plenty of food.
  • Tributary mouths. During the cool months, you might not have a lot of success when trying to fish for catfish. Try the mouths of tributaries mouths. Catfish go there searching for warmer waters, and they find shelter on the bottom. Look for humps, holes, or submerged trees and try your luck there.
  • Ripraps. Ripraps that are placed next to dams or bridges are great places to search for catfish. Large catfish who like to hide and hunt in this place. Fallen trees are a great indication that there you might find this kind of fish.
  • Deep holes in ponds. If you have a pond nearby, you might have a surprise to catch this fish there, lying in deep water. They only leave this place during summer when the oxygen level is too low for them to feel comfortable.

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