Basis about sport fishing

Basis about sport fishing

Fishing may be recreational, where you can spend a great day with your friends or a sport fishing, where you can have even more fun. Methods for sport fishing vary to the area fished, personal strategies, resource available and the species targeted. For example, in the Great Britain fishermen use fly fishing, which is very old, but effective way to catch a fish. But they also use hi-tech methods for catching tuna and marlin. If you want to try sport fishing, you will need: rod, line, hook and reel. You must know that even sport fishermen discard non-targeted fish.

The most common, salt water, fish species targeted are: mackerel, sailfish, tuna, marlin, tarpon and shark. In North America, freshwater targeted fish are: salmon, trout, pike, catfish, redfish, bass, walleye snook and muskellunge. Panfish are the smallest fish (they can fit a hole in the normal cooking pan). The best examples are sunfish and perch.

In past, sport fisher’s cathead and killed any fish they caught. Today, sport fishermen only catch and measure that fish. After that, they let it go. The goal of this sport and fun. Only the biggest and most common caught fishes are killed. There are many regulations related to fish sport fisherman can catch. It is strictly forbidden to catch fish smaller that defined. In a case of breaking these rules, fisherman can be disqualified and even fined. Depending of a country, regulations vary. Norway and Switzerland have the most severe regulations. In both countries you will need a permit that allows you to fish on that particular place.


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