Fishing can be a great hobby, great sport or can provide food! If you like fishing, there are a thousand places where you can fish, in every river, lake and sea. Although, average fisherman catches small fishes, which are easy to catch and easy to pull out of the water, there are many fishes that can make your fishing harder! One of them is Catfish. The European Catfish lives in almost every river in the Europe, Black Sea and Caspian Sea. They can grow more than 2m and have a weight of 300kg! So, if you want like fishing catfish, you must be prepared!

The first thing you must do is buy a fishing rod and line (I assume you already have them, but if they are old or not strong enough, you must buy new). Their size must be determined by the size of catfish available in your region. For example, for fish under 20 pounds, you must use a six-foot rod with a 10 pound test line. If you are planning to catch a bigger fish, you must use seven-foot rod, and a 20 pound test line. Longer rods are better for fishing from the riverside, and if you are fishing on bigger rivers.

You will have to buy bobbers, fishhooks and other gear. Only when you have all equipment you need, you are ready to start fishing. The next important thing is the bait! You must keep your bait fresh, at all times, and you must choose the size of your bait so it matches with a size of the fish you want to catch. If you don’t have luck, try changing your bait, this will solve the problem.


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