Fishing at Cooper’s Minipi Lodges in Labrador, Canada

Fishing at Cooper’s Minipi Lodges in Labrador, Canada

If you are up for an adventure that includes trophy brook trout as well as Arctic char and great northern pike, then Cooper’s Minip Lodges in Labrador, Canada is your best choice. This is one of the last places on earth to offer such adventure.

The wilderness at the lodge offers the same ecosystem as it was more than 50 years ago. Minipi offers pure areas with river, brook, and stream waters that are still safe to drink. In fact the place’s slogan is “The Way It Was Is How It is.”  According to historical reports on the lodge’s site, the giant Brookies of the Minipi were discovered by the Alaskan writer-sportsman, Lee Wulff. 

In 1979, Wulff started his own fishing camp at White Lake, along with Ray Cooper. They later sold the property to Jack and Lorraine Cooper who have been the administrators since then.

The place holds a catch-and-release policy which, along with conservation efforts, has made the fishing Minipi as good as it was in the beginning.  However, a guest may keep a trophy-size Brookie, which is above 3 lbs. 

Nevertheless, most anglers release their catch after measuring its length and weight and taking a picture. This undoubtedly keeps the place conserved and allows for the place to stay pristine.

Coming to Minipi is definitively a great experience for trophy fishers. It is interesting to know that the average catch in Minipi is about 2.38 kilograms (5.25 pounds).  In fact, most fly-rod records for Brook Trout were caught here in the Minipi waters. 

If you plan to fly fish at Minipi, there are some tips that people there will share with you. The flies, for instance, are bigger than the ones you probably use at home, so bringing a stronger rod is recommended. Guides are available to lead you through the river and make your fishing adventure memorable.  


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