Record-breaking Giant Dorado caught off the California coast

Record-breaking Giant Dorado caught off the California coast

A 30-year record was broken by two fishermen who caught this monster off the coast of California. The reported weight of the Dorado was 58.3 pounds.

The Tribune reported that the fish was caught by Captain Roy Tuck and boat-owner, Robbie Mailat and was formally measured on a scale at Oceanside Harbor. It certainly holds the record for the heaviest fish in California for the last three years.  The record for Dorado was a 66-pound caught in 1985. Then there was a 53-pound caught in 1987 at the Pacific Coast Bait and Tackle in Oceanside.

Reports say that Tuck thought they had hit a marlin, chased after it, and soon pulled it into the boat. 

The Giant Dorado is known by different names depending on the location. The truth is that this fish is better known as mahi mahi or common dolphinfish in the Pacific. This is how it is called in the Hawaiian language as well. On the coast along South Africa, they are called by their Spanish name, Dorado. It is known as lampuka in Malta.

Usually, these fish grow up to a weight of approximately 15 to 30 pounds.  The fact that the one caught by Tuck and crew exceed this average is something exceptional. 

The mahi-mahi likes to swim and dwell on the surface of the waters which makes it easier to be caught. They are enjoyed as a delicatessen and very popular in many restaurants.  Their beauty and size is something that fishermen also find attractive.

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