Three Lodges to Visit in Alaska for Sports Fishing Excursions

Three Lodges to Visit in Alaska for Sports Fishing Excursions

Sports fishing is a fun, rewarding activity that will surely appeal to adventure lovers. It's a great activity to bond with family and friends and also a way to relax. What else can be more exciting than having to catch your own food while you delight in the beauty of the water and scenery?

Alaska happens to be one of the best places to carry out sports  fishing excursions. It's a home to around 3,000 rivers and 3 million lakes. When you get to Alaska and you wish to sports fish, you will find yourself having a hard time picking a lodge.

The following are three of the best lodges to visit in Alaska for sports fishing excursions:

  1. Seward Alaska Fishing Charter and Lodge

This lodge promises unique sports fishing adventures. It features three premium fishing vessels and well-trained staff to provide assistance and everything you will need. Seward Alaska Fishing also offers big game transporter services if you wish to get to remote islands.

  1. Wilderness Place Lodge

As the name suggests, you will be enchanted with the wilderness of this lodge. This place lets you enjoy the lovely Lake Creek. The Wilderness Place Lodge is nestled on a reserved freestone river in the center of the Susitna Valley. This lodge offers float trips and fishing with the specialists. You get to enjoy fishing for five species of salmon, grayling, and rainbow trout.

  1. Crooked Creek Retreat and Outfitters

This lodge is one of the premium sports fishing excursion spots in Alaska. It offers expert sports fishing guides. They can also assist you if you wish to wander into the rivers and streams, explore the waters in a drift boat, or try their float tubes.



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