What you need to ice fish

What you need to ice fish

The benefits of ice fishing go beyond just catching fish.

It is the feeling of being outdoors on a sunny day in the cold of the winter. That feeling is very invigorating.

Take that and add a nice bunch of people for company, then it really does not matter if you catch fish or not. You could spend your time relaxing and talking to other people doing the same thing.

After ensuring you have safe ice, there are a number of items you will need. You have to have a way of making a hole in the ice. An ice saw, an axe, or an auger is generally used to make a hole about ten inches in diameter. A good seat to sit on is essential. Some ice fishers erect a shelter of some kind over the hole and sit inside. Some even come equipped with a small heater. It goes without saying you need to wear the proper clothing for cold weather.

You can use a small fishing rod with lures. You can ‘jig’ the line which is to move the lure up and down with jerky movements. You can use a strike indicator and leave the line untouched until the indicator goes below the surface. This tells you have a bite and you need to ‘set the hook’ by jerking the rod up quickly.

You need to know the fishing regulations for the body of water you have chosen to fish. The regulations will tell you what kind of bait is allowed and if you have to use barbless or barbed hooks.


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