Five tips for saltwater fishing from

Five tips for saltwater fishing from

Sports Fishing Magazine is an authority when it comes to fishing. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you will benefit from some wise advice from the site. This is what they have to say about saltwater fishing.

  1. Keep your presentation close to the rocks

The idea of a good presentation is to lure fish instead of scaring them away. You can do this by using light bait and making sure this can be camouflaged in the surroundings or among organisms the fish are hunting or eating. 

Capt. Alan Pereyra, of Topp Dogg Guide Service in Galveston, Texas, says, “My most important advice is to fish as close to the rocks as possible. The top trout and upper-slot redfish that win local tournaments all hang close to the rocks.”

  1. Vary your bait species

The advice is to not stick with only one species of bait. Remember to keep in mind the advice on tip #1.

  1. Don´t fish the same spot

If you do not apply this, you might end up learning it the hard way.  Professionals usually go to both sides of a jetty or move outside the cut when the tide has really picked up. It is not advisable for you to anchor yourself as this might drown your bait. 

  1. Keep fishing even if the sun goes down

You can actually find good fish when the sun goes down.  Capt. Chuck Cook of First Light Charters in nearby Lewes, Delaware, goes to the southern cape of Delaware Bay. “Bluefish take over in the evening and morning hours, but it’s a 100 percent striped bass bite at night,” he says.  Some species of fish feed at night.

  1. Don´t run past the fish

The best places to find fish is close to the jetties.  There is really no need to go deeper into the water in most cases.  Jetties are fish attractors.


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