One Alaskan fishing resort that specializes in ocean fishing

One Alaskan fishing resort that specializes in ocean fishing

If you are a fan of salt water fishing, then you should check out Alaska Saltwater Lodging. The skippers there are Alaskan natives who intimately know the area. Your outing will be a fishing experience of a lifetime.

Catch Halibut and Salmon

All the species of Pacific salmon return each summer, and it is the aerial acrobatics of the silver salmon that have made this place a world's famous fishing destination. Apart from fishing for silvers, they specialize in targeting Pacific halibut. Numerous halibut of 100+ pounds (called "barn doors") get caught every summer from people’s front decks.

Modern Boats

Their boats are state-of-the-art diesel powered vessels designed for sports fishing. They operate a custom built 36' Harris Cuttyhunk, and a 43' Delta machine. When the weather and the schedule permits, they can anchor for the night in one of the many nearby secluded coves.  There are more than 17 hours of summer daylight, so the trips provide additional fishing hours out on the sea or while exploring remote on-shore fishing streams.

Lovely Hotels

 You will simply feel at home at the Alaska Saltwater Lodge. The hotel rooms are set up for two people and contain a private bath. All the guests have access to common window sitting areas looking out over Resurrection Bay.


 Alaska Saltwater Lodge is strategically located on land overlooking Resurrection Bay, two miles South of Seward and 127 miles south of Anchorage. Many guests, however, arrive by car. From May through September, there is a daily bus, train and air service from Anchorage to Seward.

Standard Fishing Packages

The packages offered include all the necessary fishing gear for fishing aboard including tackle, bait, and lures. There is also a U.S. Coast Guard licensed guide and a guarantee of a minimum of 6 hours on the water every day with no additional charges for extra hours.

Alaska Saltwater Lodge offers an experience beyond expectation. With their friendly staff and great rates, you will feel like you got more than you expected. It is a resort worth checking out.

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