Killer heat waves across South Asia, No scientific explanation

Killer heat waves across South Asia, No scientific explanation

The sudden heat wave in the northwestern part of Indian Subcontinent has shocked the world. Climate experts are still unable to explain the reason behind it. The summer is one of the few reasons behind the death of so many people in Pakistan. The absent winds along with high humidity and low air press have led to catastrophic effects. This is very unusual at this time of the year. 

The Pakistan’s weather department informed that the temperatures were as high as 43 degree Celsius in the town of Karachi. Though such high temperatures are not unknown to this region, the other factors made the situation miserable for people. The global climate has been showing such extreme weather patterns since long time. Last year, the United States experienced extreme winter. 

The flooding is becoming severe in the tropical region. In case of Pakistan, such extreme weather has resulted in the death of around 1000 people. India, one of the most populated countries in the world lost 2000 people due to the heat wave. Some reports said the number is as high as 3000.  Director Muhammad Hanif from National Weather Forecasting Centre of Pakistan said that the heat index is always higher than the actual temperature measured. 

Indian scientists have no logical explanation for this and assured that the Meteorological department has launched an investigation. The high humidity combined with low wind speeds and low air pressure shoots up the temperature. R  Krishnan, climate change chief of the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology also confirmed the fact. 



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