Red Alert for Snow Issued in Scotland

Red Alert for Snow Issued in Scotland

Last February 28, 2018 Scotland was on red alert for snow. It was the first time the Met Office issued such alert in Scotland. The heavy snow left motorists stranded on roads. Bus services, flights, and trains stopped in the affected areas as well. People were told to stay indoors because the conditions were not safe for travel. The red alert warning was in place until 10:00 the next day.


The red alert for snow covered Lothian, Fife, Central, Tayside, and Strathclyde, as well as some portions of southeast Scotland. People said that it was the worst snow they experienced in Scotland.

 A red alert means people should expect extreme weather. People should act right away and keep themselves safe from the heavy snow. Travel and power disruption, damage to property, and risk to life are some of the dangers of staying outdoors during the snowstorm. It is important for people to avoid going to dangerous areas, and follow the instructions of the local authorities and emergency services.


The red alert of snow warning came after the Beast from the East affected most schools and transport services in Scotland. During the red alert, the British Red Cross sent extra bedding for people stranded at the Glasgow Airport. Heavy snow also affected the services at the Aberdeen and Edinburgh airports.   


Trains stopped operations between Scotland and England until lunchtime the next day. Forth Road Bridge was closed to traffic, and cars had to use the Queensferry Crossing to get to the other side. Subway operations closed early so that employees could go home.


The Met Office said that some communities in the rural areas might not be accessible for a couple of days. Interruptions to power, phone, and other services are also likely to occur during the heavy snowfall.  

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