Solar powered planes face challenges due to weather

Solar powered planes face challenges due to weather

The solar powered airplane caught the attention of the press world over. The plane is currently on its world tour and will enter in the most difficult phase of its journey. Impulse 2, first solar powered aircraft began its world tour March last year and will enter into the crucial part of the journey now. Andre Borschberg has managed to fly the fragile plane for 8,000 kilometers from Japan to Hawaii as of now.

 The extreme weather is responsible for delaying Borschberg’s journey in the tiny cockpit of the plane. The five days and night long flight would now be going through its litmus test. He is accompanied by Bertrand Piccard on board. Both will hold a record to fly a plane without using single milliliter of fossil fuel.  The world has history of around the world flights; the most infamous is Amelia Earhart adventure in 1937 where the pilot went missing in the Central Pacific. 

The solar plane is model for clean aviation in twenty first century. The world aviation industry is also looking for greener option now as aviation fuel is getting expensive day by day. The fossil fueled planes also pollute the upper atmosphere and even damage ozone layers.  If solar planes are developed on commercial scale, flying across the continent would become cheaper and greener. 

But all of this depends on the Borschberg’s success now. The young pilot faces life threatening challenges now due to disturbing winds and dangerous weather. The pilot is alert about mechanical malfunction and maintenance of all parts. 

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