Storm Prediction Center's 3 Month Outlook

Storm Prediction Center's 3 Month Outlook

No matter where you go in the United States, there’s always be thunderstorms, wind, floods, droughts, blizzards and tornadoes somewhere. However, the Storm Prediction Center helps ease our worries by telling us what kind of weather we’ll be facing. Here are just a few of the things we can expect in the coming few months.

Severe heat

We have set record highs for February this year by hitting 80 degrees. This will more than likely lead to an incredibly warm and early spring with an even hotter summer to follow. Everyone needs to take precautions against heat stroke and heat exhaustion.


Thunderstorms happen all the time year round. You can’t get away from them. During the spring time is when they are the most active. In the next coming months, expect quite a few showers and thunderstorms to cross your area. Most thunderstorms aren’t dangerous but you should still take care during them.


These monstrously powerful storms are most common in spring just like thunderstorms. They are incredibly dangerous due to their massive strength and the swiftness in which they develop. Paying close attention to the weather will help keep yourself safe during tornado outbreaks.


While not technically weather, fires generally occur because of weather, such as droughts and fierce winds. Fires affect people’s lives in similar ways to weather disasters. They destroy homes and take lives just as easily as tornadoes and floods. We are expected to experience a lot of fires from many different causes in the coming months.

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