Warmer Earth is Causing More Precipitation in Areas

Warmer Earth is Causing More Precipitation in Areas

As the Earth is warming up, the atmosphere is reacting with conflicting weather patterns. Some regions in the world are experiencing massive floods and snow fall and on the other hand some areas are suffering from droughts and dry climate. A recent study pointed out that the South East Asia is going through largest increase in the precipitation. The rate of increase accelerated since 1980.  The report said that the reasons of increased rainfall are anthropogenic. Rising greenhouse gas emissions are also causing heat waves in the continents. 

Increased temperature triggers high humidity and moisture, the atmosphere returns this moisture through large rainfalls.  Jaschma Lehmann from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research is the lead author of this study. The increasing rainfall will have catastrophic effects. To be precise, the net increase in the rainfall was 12 percent from 1981 to 2010 globally. The rainfall data since 1900 was analyzed to predict these findings. The Europe was runner-up with 31 percent increase in the precipitation and South East Asia is leading the pack with 56 percent increase. 

From the state of Texas to Pakistan, many places have broken rainfall record during 2010. The Pakistan was also worst effect country by floods which killed more than 2,000 citizens. The affected population ranges in 18 million. The report should result in increased investment in the flood prevention, storm drains and reducing construction nearby the riverbank.  The precipitation followed natural curve till 1980 and then effects of climate change became visible through data. 

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