What is WX-SIM and what does it do?

What is WX-SIM and what does it do?

What is WX-SIM?

WX-SIM is a meteorological forecasting model that operates on one specific location to forecast the weather in that particular area. WX-SIM receives centralized forecast data and combines that with observed weather conditions in the local atmosphere to give an accurate forecast of your location of choice.

The main screen for WX-SIM is for the entry of meteorological data. It is here that you key in the conditions for a virtual atmosphere. You can key in the humidity, pressure, temperature, wind, cloud cover, date, time, and any other variables. Another option is to import meteorological data from your location’s weather station or the internet using the WXSIMATE module.

What does WX-SIM do?

WX-SIM draws data from your nearest meteorological station and the internet using its WXSIMATE enhancement. This enhancement automates the whole data entry process by filling in all the required fields with weather conditions from the nearest site of observation.

After the data importation, WX-SIM lets you fine-tune the data to the exact kind of forecast model that you prefer. This data importation is done on the FOUS import panel. Information such as the wind data is essential to keep because it comes from other areas where WX-SIM cannot forecast.

WX-SIM has an advection screen that then indicates the properties of wind and air mass that will be blown in from other regions. The advection information is relevant because it increases the accuracy of the forecast to be given allowing for WX-SIM to estimate how the air mass will fluctuate over time.

There is the interrupt screen on WX-SIM that allows you to force manual changes in the parameters entered. This is very handy if you know exactly when a storm will strike or when there are signs of a cold front.

The weather forecast on WX-SIM then finally runs the output window. It broadcasts the weather forecast seconds on a fast Pentium. The information can also be exported to TXT and CSV files.


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